Field Study

The hospital for sick children(SickKids)

University of Toronto faculty of pharmaceutical sciences

SweetHeart B&B

From the start of this program on Monday, I felt the passion of SickKids staff who taught us what is important and the importance of discussion. All the staff told us that If we had a question, we shouldn’t be afraid and should ask them. So, it was easier for me to ask question than in Japan. I think that shows the difference of national characters. I think that it is very important to discuss each other with respect.

At first, it was quite difficult for me to understand the pharmaceutical things because there are a lot of technical terminologies. However, I have heard that even in Japan. I was able to understand them immediately. In particular, on Thursday, Cherie taught me a lot of things, such as what is important for patients. I appreciate all staff of SickKids and the University of Toronto and the other people involved in this program.

Preparatory study


This is my topic of June 2016. I was interested in the difference of climate between Toronto VS Tokyo.

「In this time, I would like to compare Japan and Canada in the light of climate. At first, most regions of Japan belong to the “Cfa” zone and the most of Canada belong to the “Df” zone according to Koppen’s climatic division. I think you may have learned these facts at the geographic class of your high school. The “C” means template zone, the “f” means that it rains over the year, and the “a” means that average temperature of the warmest month is over 22℃. Furthermore, though most regions of Japan is classed as having Cfa climates, Hokkaido belongs to the “Df” zone. From this reason, you can experience the climate like Canada if you go to Hokkaido.」

In fact, I felt that Toronto is very cold and windy, but the people's heart I met there were warm for me.

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