YEAR 2016

The Program

A week long program was conducted in AY2016 prior to the full operation in AY2017.


The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto

1. Building of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

2. Naoki HATTORI, Dean of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ritsumeikan University and Heather BOON, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto

3. SickKids Atrium

4. Mikio KAKUMOTO, Associate Professor at Ritsumeikan University, Jimmy FUNG, the Director of Pharmacy at SickKids, and Naoki HATTORI

5. Main hall of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy



Learning Objectives

1. Describe the roles of Canadian pharmacists within the interdisciplinary team in tertiary-care settings (Bloom level 2)2. Explain characteristics of Paediatric pharmacy practice (Bloom level 2)3. Discuss and interpret medication-related issues in children by applying knowledge on principles, which include pharmacokinetics,pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics, formulation, and medication errors, through case studies (Bloom level 3)4. Discuss values of multi-disciplinary education sessions by attending Paediatrics grand rounds and other sessions in a tertiary-carechildren’s hospital setting (Bloom level 2)5. Explain similarities and dissimilarities of university-based teaching sessions in Canada and Japan by attending lectures of PharmaceuticalSciences at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto (Bloom level 2)6. Recognize roles of Drug Information Service, Best Possible Medication History, Medication Reconciliation and Clinical Pharmacy practice in patient care (Bloom level 2)7. Recognize roles of pharmacists in drug safety in pregnancy and lactation (Bloom level 2)8. Critically appraise scientific journal articles (Bloom level 4)

Posters 2016

Students gave poster presentations reporting their experiences at SickKids and the University of Toronto.



Organizer: Yukie KONDO (Ritsumeikan University)


講師:服部尚樹先生(立命館大学 教授)